Crochet for You

Crochet For YouThere is an art that has been forgotten by many, one that has more benefits than it is given credit for: Crochet. Crochet is a hobby, as well as a form of art, stress reliever, pain reducer, and it is fun! This wonderful form of creation dates back as far as the 1800’s, at least, that is the first record of it, after being featured in Penélopé in 1823. Women would crochet clothing and other decorations to place around the house. Similar to knitting, crochet is the process of building one stitch at a time by looping yarn with a hook and pulling it through the previous stitch, rather than leaving multiple stiches open, which is what is done while knitting. It may take a bit of imagination, but the possibilities of creation are endless.

Crocheting for Beginners

At first, beginning crochet can seem a bit intimidating, starting small with a simple scarf or perhaps a small blanket is best. Choosing a single color, and using the basic pattern at first to be able to get the hang of the loop and pull method is the simplest way to get a jump. Start slow and build up your rhythm before beginning to work on speed. It will all come in time!

Once plain blankets get boring, begin to start interchanging colors. Attempt to keep a pattern going throughout it. Then move on to different patterns. Mandalas have been making a comeback in family homes, all over. These patterns may seem impossible but there are many outline patterns available, plenty that are free online! Crystals and Crochet provide several examples, and easy to follow steps in their “Mandala Madness”. All of these examples can be tweaked to become as original as you want them to be, as well.

Having the hang of beautiful flat art is one thing, but once that is conquered, the next move would be to start creating more dimensional art. Perhaps, a cozy of some sort to keep a drink warm, or a simple hat to keep the head warm! Yarnspirations is another company that focuses on needle based creations. They even rate their patterns in levels, from beginner to expert. With that, being able to increase the intensity of practice is simple, and getting stuck with a pattern overly difficult is unlikely. Soon enough, anything will be possible. Two bare hands will be creating flawless outfits and decorations for any, and all. There are even fun sizes of crochet hook to make different sized art! Try the 11 Size Crochet Hook Set with Ergonomic Grip Hook Kit for a versatile look. There are also extra-large hooks that can give a fun chunky look, these can be available to purchase from out crochet shop. A little bit of imagination will go a long way, the possibilities will be endless.

Reasons to Crochet

Physical. Whilst having the fulfillment of being able to create a beautiful fabric from a piece of yarn is one thing, there are more benefits to crochet than that. Crochet has been linked to personal wellness, as well. For example: a pain reliever. Arthritis is not a friend. Most people have aching fingers and hands, which can start at a very early age. Keeping the fingers nimble and being sure to practice movement in the joints is key. The wrist also gets a workout from the movement of the hook. With practice, the hands will strengthen. Day to day activities will no longer be a pain because of achy hands.

Mental. Even more so than physical pain, crochet can assist with mental pains, as well. The unwanted anxious feeling that comes, at times, can be defeated with this practice of relief. When the mind begins to wander and move too fast, pick up a ball of yarn, a crochet hook, and watch those thoughts drift away with the repetitive motion of closing each stitch. Not only will it relieve overly excited thoughts, it exercises the mind, as well. Similar to a crossword puzzle, practicing crochet keeps the mind going, especially as more difficult patterns are tried. Crochet has been linked to starving away Alzheimer’s, as well as being seen as a therapy for depression.

Other. With as many benefits that a little bit of yarn can provide, there is not a reason not to try it. Whether it be to try it out to help get you through the day, to create something beautiful for yourself or a loved one, or to just keep yourself from getting bored! It is a fun, creative project with endless possibilities. Soon enough, the imagination will flourish and taking off with original ideas, making one-of-a-kind art will become a passion. With nothing but fast paced days on end, in a world that does not seem to stop moving for anything, losing yourself in a world of yard sounds quite lovely.

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